Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Nurses in the Tamale Metropolis Towards Coronavirus Prevention

AbstractThe coronavirus pandemic that engulfed the world continues to bring health care facilities and personnel including nurses to their knees. Both human and material resources are overburdened, cost of personal protective equipment have soar up amidst high demand. Nevertheless, nurses continue to play the frontline role to aid in dealing with the pandemic. This exposes them to contracting the virus therefore making it essential for nurses to acquaint themselves with high level of knowledge and prevention practices to stay safe to continue to render care to patients. The study explored the nurses’ knowledge, attitude and practices towards coronavirus prevention. A quantitative descriptive study design was adopted for the work to gather data on knowledge, attitude and practices. Data was collected from 196 nurses/midwives using a self-administered questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and results presented in the form of frequency tables and percentages and figures. The attitude of the nurses/midwives can generally be considered to be good with good prevention practices that can be associated with their educational qualification, working experience and motivational levels. It can be concluded that the nurses and midwives had adequate knowledge regarding coronavirus (SARS-CoV 2).

Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, Coronavirus, Nurse

[Cite as: Buertey, A., Sadick, F., Ayamba, A., Nuhu, S., Abdul-Rahaman, A., and Imoro, M. A. (2020). Knowledge Attitudes and Practices of Nurses in the Tamale Metropolis Towards Coronavirus Prevention. Diverse Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol. 2, Issue 6, Pages 34-47.]

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