Job Satisfaction and Attitude of Teachers at Secondary Level: A Comparative Study

Abstract – Satisfaction is an essential part of any task. When anyone is satisfied by action regarding a particular perspective, then that task would be useful, meaningful and successful. In the teaching profession, satisfaction of the teachers with their job has its importance because when they become very satisfied with their job, the teaching process would be interesting, adequate and fruitful. Attitude is the psychological aspect of any individual. It is that aspect that describes the internal capacity of any individual towards work. It has own importance and works as an agent for the promotion of educational knowledge. This study identified the relationship between attitude and satisfaction of the job. It was confined in the Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh and included all the secondary schools as population and 40 teachers selected as a sample for present study. The researcher wants to identify the effect of independent (attitude) variable on dependent (job satisfaction) variable. Five-point Likert scale-based questionnaire developed by Meera Dixit containing 52 items (8 dimensioned based) used for job satisfaction and teacher aptitude inventory containing 90 items (6 dimensioned based) developed by S. P. Ahluwalia used for the teaching aptitude. Objectives wise data analysis was done by the researcher. The statistical parameters (mean, standard deviation & coefficient of co-relation) were used to calculate the value of the score collected by the questionnaire. The teachers of the Kannauj district shows a positive attitude regarding their teaching profession.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Attitude, Relation, Secondary level, Comparative

[Cite as: Ali, M. I., and Equbal, S. (2020). Job Satisfaction and Attitude of Teachers at Secondary Level: A Comparative Study. Diverse Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, Vol. 2, Issue 6, Pages 20-25.]

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