Improving Business Effectiveness Using Internet of Things

Abstract – The main purpose of this study is to examine how Internet of Things can be used to improve business effectiveness. The study adopted a qualitative approach to improve business effectiveness using Internet of Things with a sample size of 20 web pages. Data was analysed using content analysis. A pre-set code (uses, industry, application, and devices) was used to categorise the data. The findings revealed that the Internet of Things improve business effectiveness in so many ways that are applicable to different industries including: retail and supply chain, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, biotechnology, transportation, environmental, hospitality, telecommunication industries among others.

Keywords: business effectiveness, Internet of Things, IoT

Cite as: Abubakari, S. (2019). Improving Business Effectiveness Using Internet of Things. Diverse Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Pages 1-5, December 2019.

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