Category Issue 3

Decision Engine in e-GP Access Model: An Engineering Approach

Abstract – e-GP Access model is the biggest milestone in the history of public procurement. e-GP Access is a globally accepted procurement model introduced by World Bank which has been implemented in different countries to establish more clarity in public procurement. Unbiased consensus decision is a mandatory prerequisite of a free and fair decision making in a public procurement with the presence of all the parties and entities involved in practicing procurement. In this work, a Decision Engine has been incorporated in e-GP Access to make this model rather engineered than policy framed. Four subsystems of Decision Engine – Risk Identifier, Bidder Selector, Procurement Maturity Identifier and Anti Spam wire with Security mechanism are outlined grabbed from various scientific works. This model has been turned into an e-Marketplace based model from G2B type. Keywords: e-GP Access, Public Procurement, Risk, Bidder Selection, Procurement Maturity, Fuzzy MCDM, e-Marketplace Cite as: Al-Aziz, A., and Azeem, A. (2020). Decision Engine in e-GP Access Model: An Engineering Approach. Diverse Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, Vol. 2, Issue 3, Pages 1-10.