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Improving Business Effectiveness Using Internet of Things

Abstract – The main purpose of this study is to examine how Internet of Things can be used to improve business effectiveness. The study adopted a qualitative approach to improve business effectiveness using Internet of Things with a sample size of 20 web pages. Data was analysed using content analysis. A pre-set code (uses, industry, application, and devices) was used to categorise the data. The findings revealed that the Internet of Things improve business effectiveness in so many ways that are applicable to different industries including: retail and supply chain, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, biotechnology, transportation, environmental, hospitality, telecommunication industries among others. Keywords: business effectiveness, Internet of Things, IoT Cite as: Abubakari, S. (2019). Improving Business Effectiveness Using Internet of Things. Diverse Journal of Computer and Information Sciences, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Pages 1-5, December 2019.

Importance of Changing Web Space Requirements: a Case of E-Commerce

Abstract – The users of e-commerce websites are on the increase and so is the number of products and services: the pursuit to meet every customer’s needs web space requirements have had to vary. This research examined the reasons why web space requirements with regards to e-commerce websites are changing. To address this problem, the researcher used a quantitative research method by randomly selecting subjects from website developers, web hosting service providers and e-commerce website operators in Ghana using Google search. Interview was used as an instrument for data collection. The analysis was done using SPSS 20.0 Software and, and the findings presented in tables and charts. The findings from the study revealed that subjects upgraded their web spaces not only as a result of low web spaces, but also to avoid future problems. Subjects who experienced low web space had slow websites and also had their websites suspended. It was recommended that e-commerce websites operators resort to the use of dedicated hosting services as this gives better performance, is more reliable and relatively cheaper compared to cloud hosting in terms of high workloads. Keywords: web space, web space requirements, e-commerce, website, website developers, web hosting Cite as: Abubakari, S. (2019). Importance of Changing Web Space Requirements: a Case of E-Commerce. Diverse Journal of Computer and Information Sciences: Vol. 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-5, October 2019.